Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The "New Normal".

"Normal".... Whats that supposed to mean?

Is it the setting on the washing machine?

Does it mean having 10 fingers and 10 toes?

Does it mean having 2 eyes that see?

How about 2 legs that walk?

 "Normal"- for us is probably not the same "normal" for you...

Everyone has their cage of "normal"- 
Ours just happens to be a bit crazier on the inside. ;)

So when I refer to our "Normal"-

 It was a day where all 5 kids were healthy, 
without attachments. 

A day where I pulled 7 plates out of the cup-board, 
and set 7 around the table.

A night where I tucked my kids into bed- 
without life supporting machines. 

An evening where bath time was safe 
and enjoyed by all. 

A trip to the store 
that only required unloading 1 power-chair. 

A drive to see my sister in Atlanta once a month, 
with the occational trips to specialists or doctors. 

That WAS our normal...

It was glorious- 

and I want it back.

Even though our "normal" was a little tough then... 

I want it back! 

I want the days back where I have 5 children
 that can eat and enjoy food.

I want the days back where "unloading the kids" does 
not take a full 10 minutes to complete. 

I want the days back where SMA had not 
progressed to where it has today. 

I want it back. 

oh my aching heart... 

I want it back so bad.


Its not mine to have.... 

It was mine to enjoy while it was here. 

And mine to remember and reflect upon in the days ahead. 

Because now we are facing a 


A day where my youngest can't go more than a couple of hours without being attached to a feeding pump and bag. 

A day where 7 plates are no longer needed- 
because my youngest has lost most of her swallow.A night where I tuck 2 of my kids into bed- 
and hook them up to "life supporting" machines, to give their bodies a break. 

An evening where bath time is eliminated- 
because the "special shower chair" takes up 89% of the bath tub- making it safe to now wash my 2 children with special needs, but taking away 'bath time' for my other 3 children. 

A trip to the store- or anywhere outside of the home, 
 now requires unloading 2 power-chairs 
(that are not safe together) inside the family vehicle. 

A drive to see my sister in Atlanta is now 
 multiple trips a month- 
for Doctor appointments, surgeries and more consultations. 

When friends ask "how we are doing?"... 

I simply say, "Adjusting to our 'New Normal'".

Its such a loaded answer-


Its not an easy task. 

But I will cherish it for as long as I can. 

Because- "adjusting" is all we can do. 

So, we will continue to "adjust"- because

There are more storms brewing... 

On May 9th- my Youngest will be admitted to the hospital and on May 10th she will have surgery to place a G-tube. 

We will be in the hospital for 3-5 days- 
depending on how she does.

She needs this surgery so we can best manage her 
feedings and care. 

The "phone call" Today-

 I received information that the girls now need to go see an Orthopedic Doctor- 

Their spines are curving. 

The disease is progressing. 

They both have slight curves in their spine- 
with my youngest being more severe. 

She is only 3. 

My oldest is only 8. 

"Adjusting to the New Normal" for them- 
is just another day to be 





So- no matter where you are- or who you are- 

Embrace your "normal"- and shine your light to others. 

Thats what the Voss girls would tell you to do... ;) 

Be richly BLESSED~

- Natosha -
*~* One BLESSED Mommie ~*~

Ps. If you are looking for a "skin care gal"- I'd love to help with your skin care concerns! Not gonna lie- Rodan and Fields allows me to provide for my family- amongst the "New Normal" adjustments. It has been the "saving grace" these past couple of months- and with more appointments, trips to the doctor, therapy, and extra needs coming up in the near future- it will continue to bless our family and cover the needs that arise.

 The skin results and transformations within 

"my care" have been so rewarding.
Rodan + Fields has blessed our lives and the lives around me- 

and I am excited to see where it is heading!  
If you are curious about the business or products-
 Now would be the opportune time to talk.

Lets get you the best skin of your life! 

You only have one face to wear- so wear it well. ;) 

Monday, March 14, 2016

More TIME Please....

Each of us are given only a moment in time.

For some of us- those moments turn into;

 hours, days, years and decades.

For others- a moment is all that is left.

Memories are like that.

Some have years, upon years of memories- 

while others have a moment with a memory.

Memories are made in the moments... 

When we take out most precious resource of TIME- and use it to its greatest purpose-

it can make the most magical moments and memories.
We are not able to get the moments and the memories back- 

once time has slipped through our fingers. 

I don't want to have life slip through my fingers.

I want TIME.

Sure- Financial Freedom is good and all... 


I have figured out TIME FREEDOM goes above and beyond Financial Freedom. 

My soul longs for it. 

Because really- TIME is really all we have...

I don't need all the money in the world- 
I just need TIME.

I don't need Big, Fancy houses- 
I just need a home and TIME spent in it.

I don't need to travel the world and stay in exotic places- 
I just need TIME to lay in bed with and snuggle with my babies- 

I don't need to be at the Ocean all summer- 
I just need TIME to sit on the front porch swing and sway back and forth- 

I don't need to keep chasing worldly treasures- 
I just need TIME to simply enjoy the countless blessings I have from the Lord.

But HOW?

 HOW do we get TIME freedom?

How do we get freedom when there are bills, and payments,and hungry little mouths?

This was my search. 

This was my quest.

Currently- I have a home sewing business- It makes me money, but robs me of my time. 

I needed something that would allow me more time doing the important things- 
in the moments I have with my children.

I needed something I could do to help with medical bills- 
yet- it needed to bless the lives of others.

I had to have something I could do from home- 
while caring for my daughter and family.

It had to be flexible-
yet sustainable.

Rodan + Fields
was the answer.

R+F is a virtual business. 

R+F is an inheritable / residual business. 

R+F has an amazing compensation plan with lots of perks. 

R+F only needs internet to survive- I can basically work anywhere. 

R+F was created by the Proactiv Doctors- and is the "iPhone" of skin care. 

R+F is there when I am ready to work and will continue to work when I can not. 

R+F is transforming hundreds of lives across America, Canada and soon Australia!

Rodan and Fields changed my own skin-

It Changed My Life- 

And I believe Rodan + Fields- will give me the most precious gift of all:

 Time Freedom. 

What do you want out of this life?

Making excuses for "busy days" is not enough...

Don't settle.

Make up your mind to have the TIME FREEDOM you want-

and Lets get there together! 

 "Make Time" to have an appointment with me.


Send me a Message


Congrats on Time Well Spent. 

~*~One BLESSED mommie~*~ 

Rodan + Fields Consultant

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Needed to Write...

We have been in Georgia for over 6 months now- 
and I am forever behind in keeping this blog current. 

And Oh- 

the stories I could tell......

But tonight-

 I just needed to write...

I have been longing to sit down and capture the emotions swarming around inside my head and heart- 
but fear has always got the best of me...

I fear that my words will come out with a "pity party". 

I fear my words will hurt someone.
But my greatest fear- is speaking the words out-loud...

My eyes fill up with tears, just thinking about it. 

I feel as when the words are spoken- 

then thats it. 

But- I can't hold them inside any longer...

Here it goes.........

(((  The girls are progressing in their disease.  )))

There- I said it...

 and it hurts.

My heart clenches, my eyes burn and the air leaves my lungs...

This is so,
 so serious. 

They both have had a really rough go this winter- 
and the effects are starting to show. 

At first it was just a slight change.

A drop of a cup.

A sputter at the dinner table.

A, "Mom, please come help with 'such and such'..."
- knowing she was able to do it her-self just a few short weeks ago. 

Change and progressions of weakness... 

I easily find my-self going through the motions every day 
and just "dealing with it".

But, this last week...

 it has been rough......

Just tonight, Denalli was laying in her bed playing around while I was getting all the machines ready for the night.

She would raise her right hand straight in the air and while trying to "write her name" on the ceiling.

It would work for 1/2 a circle, 
then it would crash down beside her.

I sadly watched from a distance. 

She would try and try to make it go a complete round-
 to form the letter D- 

but she couldn't. 

Then the question came...

"Mommie- why does my arm not work any more?? See watch...."

She tried again, with all her might....

"It just falls down and I can't keep it up..."

Oh mercy.... 

Oh Lord.. WHY? 

Once again- 

Eyes burning, heart clenched and a sucker punch to the gut... 

<<(no words)>>

(What am I to say!?!)

"Keep working hard my dear- and just do your best..." 

She smiles and continues to try a few more times...


She knows... 

She knows she won't get it back.

Thankfully- she is strong and determined... 

And she will find a new way and conquer SMA once again. 

And then there is Ryka...

She has struggled the most these past few months-
Her body has adapted to SMA so much different than her sister.

She has never: Crawled, Stood, Walked, ect.

She can: Sit, she can sorta "Scoot" and she can slowly Roll. 

Thats it. 

An illness takes her down- SO much more aggressively. 

The beginning of November she spent 13 days in the 
PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for RSV. 
And about 7 days in- she turned Septic...

It was horrible.... 

And it hurt her little body- 
more than we know. 

Since then:
We have seen a "rapid decline" in her functions.

Things she was once able to do- 
are slower, harder or not possible at all...

We have recently fought another major sickness 
since being in the hospital in November.
This time we were able to steer clear of the hospital- 

Due to us being able to place a feeding tube here at home.

And again-
due to the toll the sickness has placed on her little body, 
she has weakened to the point that

the NG tube has not been able to be removed.

She has lost a bit of her swallowing function- 
and she is having a hard time eating food and drinking water.   

This. Is. Tremendous.

this progression here- 

is life altering. 

The ability to swallow and not choke....

Have you thought about that?!? 

How many times do you use the simplest function on a minute by minute basis?

Take that away-


Make it weak, so that you are afraid to use it. 


I have no words.


When this realization hit me the other night- 

I cried. 

I cried so hard-

My heart cried. 

I couldn't breathe.
My bones hurt.

And my body ached...

I know this situation here will seam tiny as time passes- 

and I know others have it so much worse tonight...

But, right here- 

right now... 

It hurts.....

Today, we set up an "immediate appointment" to talk
 about G-tube placement. 

Again- time has a way of giving us perspective- 


Right now-

Surgery is Scary.

And it confirms the progression. 

And its more hospital time. 

And its More time the family is apart. 

And its taking away her perfectly soft tummy. 

And its plain Scary with all the junk that she has had-
 and the junk going around. 

And, And, And... 


Not one day passes- 

Not even one minute that goes by- 

that is a surprise for the Lord. 

He knows this!

He knows their pains, their fears, my heartbreaks
 and this journey in life. 

It doesn't necessarily make it "easy". 

We still have to wake up every morning and Face the Day.

We still have to walk through the appointments, therapies, schedules, routines, and day to day life...

But- I know there is a plan and a Greater Purpose.

I don't understand it.

Not one bit....

But it is there. 

And it is here.

Its in all the heartache, its in all the moments of joy,

 its in the way we now and the way we live each day.  

My hope is that you don't take what you were given for granted.

We all have our own stories. 

You are the author of yours. 

Make the best of it.


Blessings~ One BLESSED mommie


Friday, August 28, 2015

The "Vacation/Find a Place to Live" Story

Hey guys! We made it!
Yes~ we moved our family/ranch/life from the
 "little" (500 people population) town in South Dakota to- the "little" town of: Cedartown, Georgia. (9,800 people population). 

It has been.... a whole bunch of different things!

We are so excited to start anew- and stride out to do our own thing. 

We are sad that our life long friends back home did not fit into our packing boxes...

We are in a place we have never been before- this applies to the territory, the lifestyle (rented house in town), the financial flow... about every aspect of our lives has completely changed. 

What I can say right now is that-
 with the blessings come many struggles. 

I'll add some details soon, but let me catch up a bit, 
and share about, how we got to where we are! 

The end of May we took off on a:
"family vacation/go find summer/ find a new place to live" 

Our first stop was in Sioux Falls to see Family, then on into Iowa to see some of our SMA family, then into Atlanta, Georgia to see my sister and brother-in-law. The time spent with family was priceless. We had so much fun in Atlanta and filled each day as full as we could get it! While we were in Atlanta- a real-estate property came on the market, and our realtor (from Alabama) strongly encouraged us to look at it. (We never had Georgia on the "list of places to move to", but we agreed to go ahead and check it out.) So, after spending the weekend and a few days with my sis, "Vacation" was over and "find a place to live" began!  We headed out to visit the property in Georgia, and It was BEAUTIFUL! We loved it, but... we still had Alabama and Texas on our minds. 

So on we went! 

That same day we looked at a place in Alabama. 
It was pretty as well. But, not like the first ranch in Georgia... 
Nevertheless- Texas was still on our minds! 

"On the road again"... We continued down the road and drove across Alabama, down through Mississippi, and on into 
New Orleans, Louisiana. 

What do you suppose the entire City of new Orleans consists of?!?


For sure- it was not my happy place. But, the kids loved it, we had some great food, took a trolly down through the city: to the river, walked through an"oyster festival" (I had to giggle, because I doubt they know what "oysters" from our part of the country consist of...ha!), stayed in a not so great hotel, and got back 
"On the road again"... 

Next up- Houston Texas! 
ahhh- we had made it to Texas, and it was BEAUTIFUL!
My heart was happy... 
We got settled into a hotel late on Saturday night, I googled churches to attend, found a good one close to the hotel- (by the way, Houston is HUGE! (roughly 2.2 million) ) and slept well. 
For Sunday breakfast- 
we ate at our first Waffle House, (BIG thing here in the south) 
then headed to church. 
The church was awesome!
 I can now remove, 
"being the only pale skin person in church" from my bucket list! ;) 
After church, we went to a nice dinner provided by fast friends we had made at church, then later went to the park and got to know our new friends a bit more. 

Then... you guess it- "On the Road Again..." 

San Antonio was next! 
We spent a couple days in San Antonio looking at ranches and property, but it was just too dry and prices too high to make things work for a cattle Rancher. We did go and tour the Alamo, and took a ride down the "RiverWalk". It was really neat- and the kids throughly enjoyed seeing all the sights and learning some history!

Now our van was pointing in the Northern direction, and we drove on through Austin and finally parked the van in a town outside of Dallas, called Corsicana. Corsicana was beautiful! Our realtor (from Texas) had several properties lined up for us to see in the Corsicana area- and we were ready to tour them! 
 Oh- my heart was so happy!
The properties we looked at were absolutely beautiful. We narrowed it down to a couple we loved, did the paperwork,
 made the offers- 
and were turned down- time and time again. 
We tried our best- but the "doors were closed" wherever we looked. After a few days- we decided to get back on the road- holding out hope, that something would open up.  Previous to the trip- I had stated it time and time again- that I was going to live 30 minutes from Dallas. And I was just sure it was going to work out!
But on we went- right into Dallas, and decided to check out the 

Texas Motor Speedway.


The kids were so excited! That night at the races, they did the world truck serries races. The crowd was small, we were able to get in SUPER cheep, and we had an amazing- memory filled evening. One more night in Dallas- 
then it was back into the Van, and onto Amarillo, Tx. 

The drive got a little long- so a stop in Childress, Tx was the happy place for everyone. That night we played soccer in the wide open hotel parking lot, and soaked in the Texas Summer Night. 

The drive through Texas was everyones favorite. We all loved the wide open skies, the plains, the canyons, and the diversity you could see within an hr of driving. 

The next day, we dove through Amarillo, 
and continued up through the corner of New Mexico, 
and on into Colorado Springs, Colorado. In Colorado, we were able to stay with family, which made everything so much more enjoyable! (Everyone was having "home atmosphere" withdraws from all the cold, lonely hotel rooms we had been through...") 

Time spent with family is always time well spent. 
To say the least- 
we had a fabulous time!!
Casey was able to visit the main campus of his bible college school, there in Colorado Springs, and the mountains were majestic.  While in Co. Springs, we drove back down to the Royal Gorge- and spent the afternoon seeing the sights... 

~Memories- Memories- Memories~ 

One more day in Co. Springs- 
then it was onto Denver/Fort Collins.
 Another night- another hotel. 
The next day we were able to spend a couple hours with a very dear friend of mine in Cheyenne. 

Then- back on the road- with HOME as the destination!

My, oh my- It was so good to see home again! 
We made it back during daylight hours, and the kids were so, so happy to see their dogs/horses/cows/BEDS! 

Through all the traveling, crazy schedules and ~3 weeks of 
"life on the road" 
The Kids did AMAZING! 
We read the "Little House on the Prairie" series, 
played games, sang songs, played car games, slept, and sometimes watched a movie.

(Not gonna lie- at some points in the game, I was ready for a "vacation" myself, but by the time the sun set, and rose again- 
I was ready to take on a new day/adventure!)

We were so very blessed to have been able to take the once in a lifetime trip and gather up all the memories we did.

 Growing up- I always heard how "expensive" a vacation was... 

and I quickly learned- ITS NOT! 

Sure- if you have to do everything to the "tens", then you may want to save for a while. 

BUT- if you don't mind a ham samich here and there- 
I don't see how you can afford NOT to take a family vacation. 

We traveled over 5,500 miles, we were gone for almost 3 weeks, we throughly enjoyed and filled every day as full as we could possibly get it, and kept the total spending under $600/person. 

Maybe thats expensive to you- 
but to us, the memories are PRICELESS. 

I encourage you to make a way to make it happen. Take your family on a Vacation- Plan, Budget, Save- 
Make the Memories! 

You won't regret it... I promise! 

 Well- off my soap box, and off to bed!

Ill catch up soon- and tell the "moving" story. 

Thanks for reading! Thanks for supporting us!
~ One BLESSED mommie~ 

Saturday, May 2, 2015

~The only thing Permanent is Change~

LOTS of change is on the way... 

~Needless to say~

We are MOVING!!

The girls need warmer weather, 

and Casey would like to pursue Bible College. 

These things just can't be found in Faith, Sd- 

so away we go!

We have not a clue as to where yet. 

I joking say we have it "narrowed" down to:






In a few weeks, we plan to take a
 "Family Vacation"/ "Find a landing place" journey.

We hope to be settled by August. 

Prayers of direction and travel mercies are appreciated... 

This journey in life sure is an exciting one!

Thanks for stickin' along side us for the ride! 

~One BLESSED mommie~ 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

-Catching Up-

Hello World! Its been a while since we last visited. As the old saying goes... "No news is good news". 

Life has been good and crazy around here. 

Crazy enough- that I have yet to give you an up-date on the 
El Salvador missions trip- so lets begin there... 

-El Salvador- 

We had an amazing experience with the entire family flying into San Salvador and being immersed into the El Salvadorian culture for almost 2 weeks. Our flights out were delayed by the wonderful South Dakota wintry weather- but once we made it to E Salvador- life was pretty perfect. We went to the church every week day we were there and they prayed over the entire family and loved on us every minute they could. 

Before we left- we asked for money and clothing donations. Our requests were answered in a HUGE way. We were able to purchase 915 gideon bibles, pack them up, haul them down, and distribute them among the El Salvadorian people in the Auchuapan area. We also took 3 suitcases full of used clothing down for the people to use and distribute among their families. (yes- we used every part of every bag we took with us! Thank goodness we took the family- which provided more "free" checked bags!! The weight limit per bag was 50 lbs, and every bag (6 of them) we checked was 50 or 50.5 lbs.... "little" miracles make me smile. :D )  

 I can't even begin to explain the thankfulness among the people for the bibles and the clothing they received. Many of them would take a little bible- look at it and hand it back- thinking it was really nice, but too nice for them to keep. Their faces shone like the sun when we would say "Para ti, Para ti" (for you, for you). It was an experience of a lifetime- and we are so grateful that many of you were a part of it. Thank you for your contributions and prayers along the way! 

Since we returned- the girls and the family have been doing well. Denalli had a check-up in January that showed she had gained strength between the doctor visits. Praise the Lord! Ryka continues to be as healthy as ever. 

~Life now~

In October I purchased an embroidery machine- to start a business that would be self-sustainable for the girls' medical equipment- and the Lord has blessed it. By God's grace- I was able to have a booth at the Black Hills Stock Show in Rapid City. 
Sales were fantastic- and I look forward to going back next year. I also met some amazing people that gave me good connections to more shows down the line. 

Through connections and lots of encouragement- I sent in an application for the Academy of Country Music Awards (50th anniversary) in Arlington, TX. At the last minute they had a cancelation and choose Prairie Faith Designs to come and be a part of their selective show. I invited a friend to go with me- (Dally Up Designs) and we drove down to Arlington, Tx- and had a trip of a lifetime! 

Currently- applications have been filed for more craft shows this summer and possibly a booth at the National Finals Rodeo in LasVegas. 
I'll keep ya posted. ;) 

So- as I said earlier- Prairie Faith Designs was created to help support the financial needs of the girls' medical equipment. (Basically- the girls need medical equipment. And will continue to need medical equipment. But, I don't have the heart to keep fund-raising and begging people for money. So therefore- I am putting my heart, soul and time into creating a business that will grow and be self sustainable for their needs. The only thing I ask of you, is to share my products with your friends. All the products I offer- look like leather, feel like leather, are competitively priced, are Hand made and are MACHINE WASHABLE! ) 

  Right now, Ryka is in need of a power-chair. 
She is needing the same K405 Permobil- like the one we 
fund-raised for Denalli.

 The price tag on this specialized chair is above $40,000.

We are a quarter of the way there. Once we save 1/2 the money needed- we will look into purchasing the chair and making payments. 

Thanks in advance for your sharing and advertising! :D 

~Up- Next~

We have a BIG summer ahead.

 Full of changes and growth. 

Announcement on the way. 

No- its not a baby announcement...

I'll catch ya soon~ 

One BLESSED mommie 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Detour of Events

So I thought I would be writing about our trip to El Salvador, but instead I get to tell you about long nights, de-sats, and ways to make the hours move along.  

Denalli caught a bad virus that took a turn for the worse on Christmas Eve.  We had a long night of therapy sessions- but kept her going strong. On Christmas Day she did okay, had a couple of episodes, but made some good memories and had a good time. Christmas night was another long night full of de-sats, coughing, treatments and a little bit of sleep. The day after Christmas Denalli was a lot more tired than usual, had more coughing attacks and spent most of the day close to her machines. That night at 3am, (the 3rd night we had been fighting the sickness) Casey and I decided enough was enough and took her to the ER in RC. 

She received a loading dose of steroids that dramatically changed the way she was feeling. By that night she was doing well, and we had the option to go home or stay for observation. At one point we were going to go home- but instead changed our minds due to "mommie instincts" and opted to stay for observation. We are so thankful we did, because Denalli ended up sating low, and needed suplimental oxygen. 

That brings us up to speed to today. 

Today was a fairly good day. She had a good morning- colored pics, water colored more pics, watched movies, and took a nap. During her nap- her oxygen levels dropped below the comfort levels and medical intervention helped bump the numbers back up. 

Tonight she is resting peacefully. Her numbers are okay. No suplemental oxygen is needed yet. The attending doctor today has had a history with SMA kids from Iowa, and is in no hurry to send Denalli out the door. 

As with every hospital stay- we learn more and more about the complexity of this disease and how to be Denalli and rykas best advocate. We are so vey thankful for the wonderful hospital staff and all that they do to make us as comfortable as possible. We really have no idea when we will be able to go home. It all is a day by day and night by night sort of plan. 

We ask for prayers for healing and restoration for Denalli. She is such a fighter and even the Doctors are so impressed with how well she is handling  this virus and how well she has done in the past. 

Please also pray for the 4kids at home. This is so tough on them. Knowing Denalli is not feeling good and having both mommie and daddy away makes a long couple of days. 

We are ao very thankful for Casey's family that came to see us for the holiday and stayed extra days to watch and care for the 4 little ones at home. 

We are so thankful for a gracious God that is patient and kind and healing. 

Thanks for following along- 

~*~ OneBLESSEDmommie ~*~ 

Ps- to our "angel" family that sent Christmas cards to the family and is near by- please give a call! We would love to see you!