Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stream of Emotions...

-Joy, Blessed, Comfort, Fear, Love, Sadness, Longing, Peace, Remorse, Anxiety, Sorrow, Hope, Gratitude, Sympathy, Relief, Frustration, Amusement, Thankfulness ..... 

-Tonight is one of those nights. I have been trying to put my thoughts together all week, and have unsuccessfully been able to get them out. It seems as if have been on a roller-coser, trying to navigate my way through the journey we are on. 

~My children's' smiles bring me JOY everyday
~My heavenly Father has BLESSED me beyond belief
~I find COMFORT in my husbands arms
~I FEAR the unknown
~I LOVE seeing my baby roll, laugh, and smile
~SADNESS finds its way in when I see so many other families affected by SMA
~I am LONGING to be in California at the National SMA Conference
~I find PEACE in God 
~I am ANXIOUS to see what tomorrow brings
~SORROW comes when I see my child want so badly to do something that she is not able to do
~There is HOPE for a brighter future
~My heart overflows with GRATITUDE for the prayers that have been said for our family
~SYMPATHY and tears for the families that have SMA angels
~I have a sense of RELIEF knowing that this is GODS perfect plan
~FRUSTRATION is my body not doing what it is supposed to be able to do
~I am AMUSED by all the little things in a day
~THANKFULNESS for this life I have been given to LIVE

-Today was a perfect day. We were able to go roping and fishing with some dear friends of ours. Everyone had a great time. Lots of laughs and good food. 

-Last Monday we found out my blood results were still in the "normal range". Thank the Lord for that! 

-Tomorrow we will be leaving at 6:30am to drive to Rapid City for a consultation with a surgeon specialist. I had some more doctors look over my case and this was highly recommended. Ideally we will be able to get a biopsy of the tumors under my collar bone, analyze them and get to the bottom of all this medical stuff. 

-Denalli and Ryka have both been featured in some awesome, heart warming, tear shedding videos. Here are the links. Please watch and share with the world. WE HAVE TO END SMA.... 

-Click HERE to see Denalli.

- (LOVE the songs that play along with the videos...) 

-Click HERE to see Ryka Kate. 

-Watch them, Share them, CHANGE THE WORLD- CURE SMA! 

-Right now the National SMA conference is going on in California. I am SO wishing we were there..... Denalli had the time of her life when we were able to go last year. (it was held in MN) While at the conference, Denalli was looked upon as "normal" and not some "little girl in a power-chair". While at the conference, she blossomed into an exuberant social butterfly. Also last year, Casey and I learned so much and met a lot of awesome families. With it being in CA this year, we were unable to secure the money needed to fund the trip. We are really hoping to find sponsors/make a way to go for the conference next year.... 

-My Cowboy is an incredible man. He makes me laugh. I could not imagine my life with out him. He makes me want to be better everyday. 

-He is so amazing with the kids. He is the breakfast cook on a daily basis and makes amazing biscuits (from scratch) and gravy at least twice a week. 

-He is grounded in His faith and has a love for the Lord and a gentleness beyond words. He is my Cowboy and my Rock. 

-He is the father I always dreamed my children would have. 

-Wow, GOD is GOOD! 

-I am tired.

-Thanks for checking in and listening to my ramblings.

-Until next time, be BLESSED and enjoy the moments! 

~*~ One BLESSED mommie ~*~ 

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  1. Thanks for your post--yes, what a rollercoaster indeed! My thoughts are of you so much lately and we send our love and hugs! Love your family so much! Wish we lived a few hours closer :)