Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home From Mayo!

 I want to sincerely thank all of you who have been praying for my health. There is "proof in the pudding"-  the Lord has defiantly been working in my life...

We ended up going to Rochester, MN, because we felt that the possible severity of my health problems needed to be addressed right away. The local doctors kept sending us "down the line", always being referred onto a different doctor or a different specialist. At Mayo clinic, we found right away that the tumors that I have developed throughout my body are non-cancerous. PRAISE THE LORD!! The tumors were the greatest concern and we are so thankful and relieved that they do not show signs of cancer. The doctor at Mayo did not give us a definite answer about the other symptoms I have. He really would not give us a straight answer at all. He suggested we wait 6 months, then repeat blood work to see where my levels are at. If anything dramatically changes before that, we are to return right away... Please continue to pray that in the coming months the unusual exhaustion, dizziness, racing heart, and list of other symptoms would subside. All in all, I fully trust that God is working and is fighting my battles! 

So, on a different note, I have a healthy little girl who just turned 6 months old. (seriously, she is way too cute.... I just have to tell you a little bit about her!)  I can't believe 6 months have flown by.... She has filled them with tons of laughs, smiles, lots of joy, and many sleepless nights. God continues to work in her life. She is still physically pre-symptomatic SMA. The only ways that constitute SMA in her body right now, are the lower nerve readings and the constipation that is setting in. :( But look at her... isn't she WONDERFUL! 

 I am holding tight to the promise of a better future for her. My mind goes crazy and tears build up when I start to think about the long road ahead of her.... I know I just have to take it one day at a time and truly cherish the moments. Speaking of... she learned how to sit up within the past 2 days. Since she is a very healthy little girl- weighing in at 21.5 lbs. on her 6 month birthday... Her bum is a little round to say the very least, and it took a little time to "flatten" it out! Ha! :) 

She has developed several loving nick names. Chubby monkey, my squishy (off of finding nemo), chubbers, cootie- (from her siblings- "Mama, she is such a coootie... :) ), and chunky munkin, are just a few of them. Do you have any suggestions for loving nick names?!? 

Once again, Thanks so much for your prayer power and support. The past few months have not been easy, but they have been bearable with the peace in knowing that God does have a superior plan! Until next time- 

Many Blessings to you and yours~ 

One BLESSED mommie 

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