Thursday, July 11, 2013

~Twirling Fun~

 One evening, Mr. Cowboy informed me that, "the girls need more pajamas." This was not an unknown fact... I had it on my "to do" list, but just hadn't gotten to it yet. So, with his suggestion, I eagerly grabbed my needle and thread and disappeared into my sewing room. After a while, here is what came to be.... 


~The girls were pretty excited to have new matching dresses~

~Group hug showing off the length~ 

~They were a little plain on the bottom, so I added some white lace and a little lace flower~ 

~aww, sleepy time!~ 

~More smiles~ 

~Tiny Toes and Bows~

~What happens when you put a little girl in a new dress?~? Well, she has to twirl of course! Here is the first little princess practicing her ballet routine ~

~Concentrating and planning out the perfect twirl~ 

~Perfect form~ 

~twirling, twirling, twirling~ 

~Next up is my little pebbles~ 

~Swing to the right~

~And twirl to the left!~ 

~ Adding some speed ~

~This girl is a twirling machine~ 

~Step, two, three...~

~Ballerina  pose~

~The dress (and twirling session) was a success! ~

OKAY, so here is what I REALLY wanted to show you.... Like I stated previously; any little girl that tries on a new dress wants twirl.... right?!? Well what about my oldest daughter who is un-able to stand/walk?!? Of course she wants to twirl like a ballerina! After her sisters were done doing their twirling dances, she looked at me and said, "Mama, I really want to twirl too..." I looked down at her and a moment of aching pain shot through my heart. I thought, "oh how I hate SMA... how in the world are you going to twirl like your sisters, when you can't even stand?!?" But, with her determined little eyes staring at me, I picked up my camera and said, "Okay Denalli, show me your twirling... ". So, without further a-due, here is my determined little fighter, twirling in her new dress~ 

~Getting her pose ready~ 

~And TWIRLING!!! ~ 

~Twirling around.. ~ 

~And around...~ 

~And around...~ 

~Just like a ballerina princess!~ 

Yes, I did cry- and I choke up every time I see these pictures. I am so very thankful for a beautiful little girl that shows me what life is really about.. 

Oh, and yes, I could not take pictures of my 3 little girls twirling without my boy wanting his "twirls" caught on camera too! haha... 

~perfect form~

~Look at him go!~ 

~These are man twirls... (more like flying if you ask me...)~ 


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