Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A little bit of Fun

So a while ago, a kind friend let me borrow her Maxi dress to wear to a special occasion. (Thanks again Megs!!)  Before that day, I had never worn a maxi dress, or even been remotely interested in EVER wearing a maxi dress... or ever thought about the slightest possibility of me trying on a Maxi dress... Why was I so opposed to a Maxi dress?!? I do not know. Now that I have experienced the comfort and goodness of a maxi dress, (and put my boots and jeans in the closet for the day) I just can't seem to get enough of them! :)

Here is a picture of the original dress. (and my chunky little 5 month old...)  After wearing the dress, and falling in love with it, my gracious friend let me pack it up and take it home with me. I wanted so bad to re-create another one just like it.

When I got back home, I quickly realized I did not have the fabric that I needed to make the maxi dress I had in mind.... (insert very sad face) Thats when another friend came to the rescue, and gave me some fabric that she had in her "stash busting pile". The fabric that she gave me just happened to be my favorite color (purple) and it was PERFECT for the project ahead. YAY for me (and her!)!! So, with scisors in hand, I carefully laid out the fabric and the dress,  and started cutting and sewing away. After an evenings' worth of work, this is what I was able to re-create: 

I absolutely LOVE it!! I'll have to make a few minor adjustments to the next one I make, but in all, I think it turned out just right! 

I LOVE the feel and the movement of the fabric. Also, it isn't very often I get to wear something that fits me in the waist AND length. So FUN!!  

It seems to work very well as my "mama hippie dress"... My little boy seems approve too, as he compliments me every time I have it on. :) 

What are your thoughts? 

I say: 

Cheers to good friends and great Maxi dress' :) 


  1. Haha, you're a dress convert! I've gotten stuff out of my stash too! WIN for everyone!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a gorgeous dress! Way to turn that stash fabric into a very wearable garment...your little boy is totally right to compliment you!