Saturday, December 21, 2013

48 Hours and Counting down....

A little over 48 hours to be together as a family...

48 hours to soak up all the 
and moments
 of my three precious children that will be left behind.....

The suitcases are filling up... 

Our hearts are bursting with tons of emotions... 

The reality of the ENORMOUS journey we are about to embark on, is staring us in the face... 

Accepting the call to go to El Salvador, booking the air line tickets, getting passports in the mail, setting dates, arranging schedules, and organizing life details has all been like a dream.... 

Now that the suitcases are on the bed, clothes are being sorted out, folded and carefully packed... the reality of this trip is slowly seeping into my soul....

My eyes seem to fill up with tears at the thought of not holding my children for such an extended period of time.... 

This is the time of year families are supposed to gather close together... 

But in our case, we will be spread father apart than we ever been...

We will leave early Christmas Eve morning and head to the air-port, where we will say good-bye to our three middle children. 

My-self, Denalli and Ryka will be separated from Grayett, DallieJo and Talla Kaye for 22 days.... 

Daddy will be separated from them for 13 days... 

They will be in the good care of family and friends. 

I pray that they understand... 

I pray they do not get anxious or home sick... 

I pray they have the comfort and love they need to be sustained throughout this separation..... 

After our bitter sweet goodbye, we will fly from Rapid City to Denver, then onto Houstan, Tx, where we will be grounded for 9 hours, then we will fly into San Salvador on Christmas day. 

Once we get to San Salvador, we will meet up with a relative of the family we are traveling with, and he will take us onto our hotel. 

I am praying for peace and comfort as we step into a world that none of us have ever experienced before....

The day after Christmas we will meet up with our "family" and head to the church, to begin crying out to God... 

Naturally, I have had several questions about this Journey ahead of us, so I will try and go over a few more details: 

Q:  Money: are we paying to have our daughters prayed over, or is there any money involved in taking them to the church?

NO. Please understand that the church we are taking them to is of Godly-Christian based beliefs. It is a church where people are being healed by the word of God. A church where an anointed individual lays hands on people and prays over them. A church where an offering in accepted, but not required in any shape or form. (Think of traveling to a different town and attending a new church. You are not expected to give any money, but if you feel led to do so as the offering plate passes by- go ahead and give. ) 
To a church where miracles and healing are an everyday event. A church that prays over people 6 out of 7 days of the week- year around. They seek God with ALL they have. They do not solicit for money. They do not have any sort of web-site or advertisement of any sort. The only reason we know of this church, is due to a family that God brought into our lives a few years ago. 

It is a church that calls on Gods healing and EXPECTS it. 

(The only "money" involved is normal expenses like- plane tickets, hotel fees, rental car, food, traveling expenses, ect. )

Q: How can I/We pray?

A:  Ultimately we are going to seek God's healing for Denalli and Ryka. We are going and EXPECTING God's healing hand to work within their bodies.... 
Pray that God is Glorified in all things. 
 Pray He ultimately heals Denalli and Ryka.
Pray that our faith remains strong. 
Pray God reveals Himself. 
Pray for safety. 

Q: Where will you be staying?

A: We will be staying in a "nice hotel" in the city of Auhuachapan. I am told that the word "nice" means that the hotel has guards on the outside protecting it.... This is where the Prayers for safety come in!! :) 

Q: Is this a missions trip?

A: Well, yes and no. Honestly we probably would have gotten a better response/more support if we would have called it a missions trip... (right now, the general population just thinks we are plain crazy!)  But this is not a typical "missions trip"..... it is more. We are going to El Salvador to meet God where He is and stand on His truths of healing and restoration. We are on a personal mission to seek healing for our daughters. It is indeed a "missions trip" for us. We taking
 clothes for the El Salvadorian people, that have been rounded from our community.  The majority of us will be there for almost 3 weeks, and we will do whatever we can to "shine our light" wherever we go....

Q: Will you have access to internet/phone, ect? 

A: YES!! We will have internet in our hotel lobby, so please send your questions/thoughts/comments if you have any! We will more than likely have a phone also... I have some things set up, but will have to wait and see if they work when we get there...

Q: Why in the world are you going to El Salvador?

A: This is a loaded question... 
Point blank: we are going to seek God's healing.
 He has called us to go there and ultimately made a way for us to be there. (getting my husband to leave the country is a miracle in its-self, let alone everything else that has transpired up to this point!) We are going to El Salvador, because we know God is working there and healing there. We fully understand He could heal our daughters here within the states, but basically- WHY NOT go where HE is at? In the bible, when the Lord preformed "miracles", there were a few instances that the people were healed on the spot. When most of the miracles happened- the people seeking them had to "take action"- for example: Jesus spit into the dirt, made some mud, rubbed it on the blind mans' eyes, then told the blind man to go wash the mud off. After the mud was washed off, the blind man could see! Action. Something physically was done. Jesus smeared mud on a blind man's face, had the blind man rinse it off, and this caused him to see! (Is that weird at all to you?) There was also time and waiting involved in some of the miracles. Some of the miracles Jesus preformed instantaneously, but others He waited for time to pass to bring "more glory to God". When he raised Lazarus from the dead, 4 days had passed since Lazarus died. After Lazarus was good and dead, Jesus prayed and told him to come out of the tomb. Lazarus came out with his body wrapped in the burial cloth. Why did he wait? To bring "more glory to God". John 11:1-6

I fully understand that Jesus could miraculously heal my daughters here. I also understand that it could take time to see His work... 

But once again: He is healing there, has called us to go, so WE GO! 

Psalm 37:4
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. 

 God is God, and I am me... 
I will not try to figure out anything beyond that! 

Well, if you have ANY questions/thoughts/comments: PLEASE ASK!! Although, I may not have all the answers... I will tell you what I know! 

In ending, I wanted to offer you a chance at some 
El Salvadorian Coffee! We have the opportunity to bring it back and share it with you! 
The coffee available is AMAZING!

Think premium coffee grown on the mountains of El Salvador, picked this month which is out drying in the sun as I type. When we go down this month it will be roasted over an open fire and brought back to your waiting coffee mugs.- This coffee is TO DIE FOR!! It is smooth and sweet. I can drink it without ANY creamer OR sugar- which should SPEAK VOLUMES!!! 

Please comment or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested: 

Coffee is $12/lb or $50/5lbs

Cacao Beans are also available: $15/lb- 
(you can choose raw or roasted)

Ps. I checked other "premium" coffee prices in the area and found that most everything was higher priced than the coffee I will bring back... Just saying- Extremely good and fresh coffee for a good price!! ;) Also- not gonna lie: sales of the coffee are helping fund this journey! :) 

Thanks for reading my thoughts! 

Thanks for your support!


Romans 15:13

I'll talk to ya in when we are in warmer weather!!
~One BLESSED mommie 


  1. This is Shelley (Frye) Knott from Arthur, and I am so impressed by your faith. Tim and I will be praying for you, your daughters, and the rest of the family as you are gone. I am confident that you will see God working each day as you travel and begin your adventure. We would like to have 5# of coffee if you have extra when you come home. May God richly bless you!

    1. thanks so much for your comment! We sincerely appreciate your prayers, love and support. Now that we are here, we continue to see God moving in miraculous ways.... We are so excited for what the future holds! I will add you to the coffee list and let you know the details when I get back. Thanks again!

  2. I love your blog