Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~ Dream BIG ~

Hey there! 

Before I tell you all about "the Fight" coming up in the next post, 
I feel like I needed to take you on a personal journey and give you a little insight and background about the business called:
One BLESSED mommie.

One BLESSED mommie 
was originally opened in March 2010.  

But, wait- let me back up a little bit more... 

The beginning of 2010 was a tough time. It was then I realized that the insurance was not going to pay for the Special power-chair Denalli desperately needed. It was an overwhelmingly big fact to face. The need for the power-chair and the price tag that went along with the power-chair was enormous. 

But- against all reasoning-
 I made up my mind that Denalli was going to have that amazing chair, that would ultimately impact her life so much. 

Well, as the adage goes- "If there is a will, there is a way"... 
So, "with scissors within reach and the sewing machine beside me", I began to make and sell cloth alphabets and letters. I was able to make several sets of alphabets and sold them through friends and through the One BLESSED mommie etsy store. 

By God's grace- I had friends and neighbors stand up beside me, and helped raise and donate the funds we needed to purchase the awesome power-chair for Denalli. 

It was truly amazing! 

Shortly after all the of fundraising had ended, I still felt like I needed an outlet for my creativity/sanity. 

I needed something to do. 
Personally- I needed to be able to help with the impending needs of our medically fragile daughter. I needed more organization in my life. And, in all honesty- I needed to be able to "control" something in my life at the time. Because, at the time- I felt like I was getting lost in all the diapers, dishes, 
appointments, medical learning, ect.. 
I just craved a place my mind could go to "escape" from it all. 
Even if is was just for a few minutes. 

A place I could share my ideas with the world 
and help someone else. 

I remember it very clearly- It was the middle of November 2010 that I created the original Jewelry Organizer, and November 30th 2010 that I sold the first Jewelry Organizer on etsy.

(don't laugh... this is where it all began... ) 

 Then in December 2010, I sold 5 more Organizers on etsy...
I was ECSTATIC (to say the very least...). 

Up until that point- my husband, some of my friends and family just thought I was plumb crazy... Seriously, it was so funny! I would excitedly tell them what I was creating and what I was going to do, then I would get the whole, 
"smile and nod" with the deer in the headlights look saying:
 "nice idea- but its never gonna work...".  

But, I did not pay any attention to that and charged on ahead. Countless hours were spent looking for better ways to do things, I would give away organizers to anyone that would take one- 
just so they could try it out, and give me honest feedback. 
I was bound determined to make things work.

I was told to "Dream BIG" as a kid- 

and "Dream BIG" is what I did. 

Well- lets fast forward a few years a few kids and a couple hundred Jewelry Organizers.... 

Enter into the scene: Ryka Kathleen
and SMA diagnosis 1 week after birth... 
(This will probably always be the 2nd hardest time in my life...)

After we were able to work through the initial realization and the weight of the diagnosis became tolerable,
 I started to think about all the things Ryka would need- 
just like Denalli.

I knew that our ranching lifestyle would not always be able to cover the costs. Therefore, I needed my business to grow, so I started doing some advertising on blogs and giveaways and such, to continue to grow the 
One BLESSED mommie business even more. 

The advertising did help. 
But it also took away funds that I was saving to be put toward a vehicle down-payment, or medical equipment for the girls.  

So, as time went on, my shop continued to grow little by little. 
I put more time into creating new items and 
I got better at what I did. 
Eventually, the first product I made (see picture above...) evolved into what it is today...

It is a complete Jewelry Organizing system that eliminates tangles, beautifully displays the Jewelry you own, and
 (the best part) allows you to "grab and go". 

But, in the end- it is much, much more than that... 

It is part of a down payment on a family vehicle.

It is Ryka's independence in the shape of a 
manual wheel-chair and power- chair. 

It is Denalli's leg splints and 
extra things and vitamins to help her thrive. 

It is my way to help this family share the weight of SMA. 

The One BLESSED mommie shop has been such a blessing!!!

 I have been able to ship hundreds of Jewel Boards to every state in the USA, and all over the world. 

It has helped the SMA finances flow. 

 I have been able to give to charitable SMA organizations 
to help CURE SMA.

And I have been able to share my creativeness with the world! ;) 

In all sincerity- My heart in this Journey of life is to help others.

 A time may come when we can't handle the financial burden of SMA alone-

 but for now, 

we are going to do our best, 
 we are Dreaming BIG, 
and leaving the rest to God. 

Stay tuned for "the Fight" and a personal favor! 

One BLESSED mommie 

Click HERE for a direct link to the shop 
or see tab at the top of the page. 

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