Saturday, July 5, 2014

~ Happy Cows ~

I love being able to get away from the house for a few minutes and go look at the rest of our "family".
These are some of our baby mama's. They will provide our family with cash flow next year and give some lucky person a hamburger. 

Their life is pretty great right now...  
It includes:
 eating- posing for pictures, and hanging out with the boyfriend... 

Some of the girls even have a sense of humor and like to throw in a little "photo bombing" !

See, They are all naturals! Line up and say "cheese"!! 
Piece of "cake" really... 

When we came by the big ol' boyfriend- 
Our neighbor thought he needed some TLC as well. 

Pasture bulls are not generally this sensitive, 
but this one really does have a soft side. 

I am pretty sure our neighbor could have had a full time job scratching him behind the ears, 
but like all pasture bulls- he had a few jobs to do... 

After looking through the cattle- we took a drive to the top of the hill and soaked up the view. 

I love this country- You can literally see for miles and miles and miles and ... you the idea. 

Its fun to imagine the history that took place on this land. 
The wagons, the cowboys, the indians- 
if only the land could talk...  

Gotta love this land of the FREE, because of the BRAVE~

Happy Independence weekend everyone!

~*~ One BLESSED mommie ~*~ 

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