Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~In Question~

Here it is: 
Another day in Paradise at the Voss residence. 

Kids up, fed, dressed, laundry going, dishes done, floors swept, laughing and playing in the background.... 

 and big question(s) on my heart. 

When is it time? 

When is it time to go back to El Salvador? 

When is it time to get Ryka her manual wheel chair? 

When is it time to get Denalli a power stander?

When is it time to get Ryka a power-chair? 

When is it time to move? 

All life changing questions, with un-determined answers. 

We are seeking the Lord in these issues- 
and ask that you would pray along with us. 

We would like to take the girls back to El Salvador again and be immersed and encouraged by the faith and teachings there.

Ryka is needing a way to move around and do things on her own.  She is "borrowing" Denalli's equipment, but it is too big for her and (of course) Denalli is still using the equipment. Consequently- she really needs her own equipment! 

The dream of getting Denalli a power-stander has never went away. Obviously, she would GREATLY benefit from being up-right just like everyone else, we just have to continue to find a way to make it happen. 

When do I start "the fight" for Rykas powerchair?!? 
God is working in her. This we know.
 But, I don't know when the healing will fully take place. 
I am not doubting God will heal her.
 I am looking at her and seeing a precious daughter that can not move, and wanting to give her that independence if I can... 
the next post will cover starting this fight... 

and then the last question: "the Move" 
When is it time to move our family to a warmer climate where the girls can thrive and enjoy a full life? Here in SD- they are kept inside 6-8 months out of the year, due to the cold temperatures. They are not able to do the therapies that they need, and this way of living is not fair to anybody. 

Yes- yes. All in God's timing. 

I get that, and I do my very best to follow His lead. 

But - I am not one to stand aside.

 I am here to make a difference. 

And with the Lord's direction- things will happen. 

With your help and prayers-
 we can answer some of the questions looming over our heads! 

Stay tuned- I have a favor to ask of you. 


One BLESSED mommie 

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