Wednesday, July 2, 2014

~My Baby~

How does the time seem to go by so fast?!? 

My baby is now 18 months old- 

She has stolen our hearts and filled our lives with more joy and more laughter than we ever thought was possible... 

Here are a few smiles to brighten your day...

Fresh air in the "Buggy" 

Animation is her thing... 

1 year come and gone

Corn on the cob never tasted so good! 

Super Baby for being in the SMA blood study. 

Making friends with the new sibling

Wrinkley toes from soaking in the tub

Yummy Toes!

Say "Cheese"! 

Again- Animation- it's what she does! 

Sweet little blonde curls

Loving Story time

Chocolate cake is the BEST!

On the way to church

Trying to decide if this is fun or torture...

Just a happy baby. 

Always ready to spread the Joy around! 

We are so richly blessed to have her in our lives! 

Enjoy the video :) 

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