Thursday, July 3, 2014

~Sunshine and Wonderful Rain~

I thought I would share some more pictures that make me smile... 

This Spring/Summer has been such a dreancher here on the ranch. 

Every thing is as green as it gets. 

The country side is a site to behold. 

We have had a few calm days where our road just starts to dry out... 

And then another rain cloud rolls over and makes it all gooey again... 
I think we have had more days with rain this season than we have had in the several previous springs!

 This is a seasonal crick- On a "normal" day- it's bone dry... 
I believe 2+ inches of rain had just come our way! 

This green lushnesses goes on for miles and miles... 
(lushnesses- ie: the state of profuse lushness, 
you have to add an extra "es";) )

And the sweet yellow clover... 
I bet them bees are going haywire... Sweet times ahead!  

And the BEAUTIFUL clouds and sunsets... 

I took a walk outside and watched this little 
storm move right along. 

The clouds were spectacular.

And the night was so peaceful and calming to the soul... 
As the cool evening moved on, I watched this cloud open up and pour out it's goodness on our neighbors. 
While watching- I hardly saw any lightning in any of the clouds.

So when I looked down at my phone and saw this- I thanked the Lord above for his perfect timing! 
(though I doubt the neighbor was thanking God at that
 particular moment... ;) )

~*~ One BLESSED mommie~*~ 

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