Monday, October 6, 2014

~*~ Following God's Calling ~*~

God has called us and we are following His direction: 

We are going back to El Salvador to continue to seek Gods healing for our daughters and family  

Lets back up a bit and give you a little pre-text- 

  We went on our first BIG Missions Trip
about 9 months ago. 

Casey, Denalli, Ryka and I flew down to El Salvador for  2 1/2 weeks and went to a church where we were prayed over. 

We came home with medical proof that God was working in the girls and healing their bodies.

It was beyond AMAZING.... 


Do you believe in miracles? 

Are you one that believes in miracles,
 but then puts a limit on God's blessing/healing?

When you pray, Do you say-

 "God, I believe you can bless me financially, but I doubt you can heal a sick child...."

Why would you pray and ask Him for something when you really don't believe he can provide it for you?!? 

Just something to think about... 

Anyhoo- Over the past 9 months we have seen miraculous healing in the girls' bodies.


So- We are so anxious to go back to seek His guidance and get a fresh perspective on His grace and goodness. 

Because- honestly- 

Even though the past 9 months have been absolutely full of blessings- 

they have probably been some of the toughest times as well. 

In El Salvador- we were surround by Gods people that lived and breathed His goodness. 

They absolutely did not doubt what God could do in any way, shape or form. 

Everyday in El Salvador- They simply Seek Him for who He is. 

So, imagine us coming back state side with the amazing news we had, only to be greeted with dismay and closed doors. 

Why am I telling you this?

Because- we have been called again to go to El Salvador and seek God and His promises. 

This time, we will be taking the entire family. 

We leave November 10th and will be home the 25th.

Yes- for 2 weeks and 1 day we will be submersed
 in the El Salvadorian culture.

We will be taking clothes and bibles down to the people in the church and the communities we will be visiting. 
If you have ANY clothes -
 adult/kid/baby, XLarge/ Small / Tiny- 

Basically- Any GOOD clothes that you would like to donate- 
please let me know and I will pick them up!

ALSO- we will be passing out bibles in the communities. 

 We would like to take down 300 bibles and need around $350 to purchase them. If you would like to donate to the bible fund- 
please send donations to:
Voss Bible Fund

 19879 165ST
 Faith- SD 57626)   

I want you to know this, Because I want you to be a part of it!

I want you to see the power of God and His hand working in our daughters. 

Friends- its too amazing for you to miss. 

It's too incredible for you not to see the process of His healing. 

We leave in about 1 month!! 

 Casey and I have the peace and assurance in our hearts that gives us to courage to take this next "leap of faith".  

Please be in prayer. 

There is so much to transpire between now and then.... 

We know God has brought us here in this Journey of life and we know He will carry us through.  

Be encouraged my friends. 

We serve a God that does not put limitations on us- 
so we need to stop putting limitations on Him.


~*~ One BLESSED mommie ~*~ 

PS- We plan on bringing back more El Salvadorian Cafe'. If you would like to purchase some- It would be a financial blessing for our family. Like before- the cafe' will be sun dried and fire roasted for a warm, smooth taste.  

Cafe' will be $13-15 a pound. 
Please let me know how much you would like!