Friday, May 2, 2014

~More of Gods Handiwork~

God is ALIVE and He is at work- 


He is moving and working within our girls- 

and it is AMAZING! 

So, before I share the Miracles- 

I like to start with some background history....
(just so you can see how AWESOME it really is!) 

Denalli was struggling as a baby to keep the weight on. She got very sick- had a couple of hospital stays, and had to get a g-tube placed around 18 months of age. Since then (for the past 5 1/2+ years) we have had to prepare a formula and other supplements for her, EVERY NIGHT- then hook her up to a pump that would administer it to her all night long. Generally- one parent would get kids ready for bed and the other would get Denalli's formula ready... EVERY NIGHT. There were a couple of rare times that the pump would not work or  we would forget to turn it on, and Denalli would not get her formula. In return- she would wake up and be very sick. The last time this happened- we ended up in the ER because she was puking blood.... in short- 

Feeding tube = MAJOR DEAL. 

But- MIRACLE #3- 
( read about the first 2 miracles- here)


We just gradually stopped giving it to her because of her appetite increase, and we have never looked back. 



She is doing so well!

It  has been a HUGE life change for her. 

She can now go sleep in her sisters bed, 
or sleep on the opposite side of her bed, 
or sleep on the floor... or
She can sleep wherever she wants!

She is no longer "tied" down. 

It is so weird for Casey and I to be able to tell her to "go to bed" - knowing she can do so by her-self! 

It might sound silly to you- 
but it is a BIG deal here at the Voss home. 


Onto Miracle #4- 

Background story:
 Denalli has an AMAZING power-chair that was purchased for her through fund-raising and support from our community. It is the Permobil K450 MX. It can go from the regular sitting position, all the way down to the floor. Our hopes in getting her this specific chair was that, she would be able to get IN and OUT of it by her-self. Well, no matter how hard she tried before- she could never get back into the seat... 

that was until last week!

You can see for your-self...

Enjoy the following video and PRAISE GOD for his strength! 

Click HERE

Video name on YouTube: Denalli's #4 Miracle

It is very encouraging to see Denalli's strength increase along with her abilities! 

All things will be restored in God's timing... 

Not our timing. 

Not on our schedule. 

It's all in God's hands... 

Thank you for your continued prayers.

We feel them- 

We are seeing them answered right before our very eyes...


~*~One BLESSED mommie~*~