Saturday, May 2, 2015

~The only thing Permanent is Change~

LOTS of change is on the way... 

~Needless to say~

We are MOVING!!

The girls need warmer weather, 

and Casey would like to pursue Bible College. 

These things just can't be found in Faith, Sd- 

so away we go!

We have not a clue as to where yet. 

I joking say we have it "narrowed" down to:






In a few weeks, we plan to take a
 "Family Vacation"/ "Find a landing place" journey.

We hope to be settled by August. 

Prayers of direction and travel mercies are appreciated... 

This journey in life sure is an exciting one!

Thanks for stickin' along side us for the ride! 

~One BLESSED mommie~ 

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