Monday, March 14, 2016

More TIME Please....

Each of us are given only a moment in time.

For some of us- those moments turn into;

 hours, days, years and decades.

For others- a moment is all that is left.

Memories are like that.

Some have years, upon years of memories- 

while others have a moment with a memory.

Memories are made in the moments... 

When we take out most precious resource of TIME- and use it to its greatest purpose-

it can make the most magical moments and memories.
We are not able to get the moments and the memories back- 

once time has slipped through our fingers. 

I don't want to have life slip through my fingers.

I want TIME.

Sure- Financial Freedom is good and all... 


I have figured out TIME FREEDOM goes above and beyond Financial Freedom. 

My soul longs for it. 

Because really- TIME is really all we have...

I don't need all the money in the world- 
I just need TIME.

I don't need Big, Fancy houses- 
I just need a home and TIME spent in it.

I don't need to travel the world and stay in exotic places- 
I just need TIME to lay in bed with and snuggle with my babies- 

I don't need to be at the Ocean all summer- 
I just need TIME to sit on the front porch swing and sway back and forth- 

I don't need to keep chasing worldly treasures- 
I just need TIME to simply enjoy the countless blessings I have from the Lord.

But HOW?

 HOW do we get TIME freedom?

How do we get freedom when there are bills, and payments,and hungry little mouths?

This was my search. 

This was my quest.

Currently- I have a home sewing business- It makes me money, but robs me of my time. 

I needed something that would allow me more time doing the important things- 
in the moments I have with my children.

I needed something I could do to help with medical bills- 
yet- it needed to bless the lives of others.

I had to have something I could do from home- 
while caring for my daughter and family.

It had to be flexible-
yet sustainable.

Rodan + Fields
was the answer.

R+F is a virtual business. 

R+F is an inheritable / residual business. 

R+F has an amazing compensation plan with lots of perks. 

R+F only needs internet to survive- I can basically work anywhere. 

R+F was created by the Proactiv Doctors- and is the "iPhone" of skin care. 

R+F is there when I am ready to work and will continue to work when I can not. 

R+F is transforming hundreds of lives across America, Canada and soon Australia!

Rodan and Fields changed my own skin-

It Changed My Life- 

And I believe Rodan + Fields- will give me the most precious gift of all:

 Time Freedom. 

What do you want out of this life?

Making excuses for "busy days" is not enough...

Don't settle.

Make up your mind to have the TIME FREEDOM you want-

and Lets get there together! 

 "Make Time" to have an appointment with me.

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Congrats on Time Well Spent. 

~*~One BLESSED mommie~*~ 

Rodan + Fields Consultant